Thinks hard about younger makorin make outs…I don’t even know anything anymore.

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So………….. Eremin porn sketchdump?

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im sorry my cute style i have sullied u

dang i should probably start using references at some point„ , , ,

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"He’ll make you dance as smoothly as the dolphins swim.."

I’m really embarassed about this but here

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[snk fic] again, later


Rating: E
Pairing: Future Jean/Future Eren/Jean
Notes: gross dirty pwp version of now or never.
Warning: underage 

Link: [AO3]

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Any chance of more Eren shenanigans? Like more of him jerking off or in more strpper boots?



You know I love Eren >.< So YES HERE’S MORE.


Will definitely draw another Stripper Boots Eren soon!

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God your yumikuri drawings are so awesome. Your coloring is gorgeous and your style WOW!


thank you so so much!! ;A; 

and I hope no one thinks I’ve abandoned this blog/posting drawings!! I’ve just been exploring my style a bit and the like :> I want to get back to posting drawings very soon!

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Mikenana porn+cuddles triggered by kisu-no-hi

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